Robert Posner's art lives on - and is available for inclusion in art shows. If you are interested in purchasing a piece or have a piece in your collection, we would also like to hear from you.

Robert Bruce Posner (also known as Bob) was given the gift of being able to capture the emotions of ordinary people. His knack for deciphering these feelings garnered him admiration in the art world, yet he was never sure of whether his work was deserving of such praise. In this way, he created many works that were lost or given away. Most of these masterpieces are not documented on this site –including many of his oils.

He was inspired by the masters who came before him and the constantly changing world in which he lived. His collection of art books was evident of his adoration for the likes of Degas, Goya, Corot, Ingres, Velásquez, and Corbet. Although, he also appreciated artists like Larry Rivers, De Cooning, and Klein.

Robert Posner experimented with multiple mediums—including ink, pencil, oil, and pastels; although, he also dabbled and experimented with various printmaking techniques. Each work was begun, but was not completed in his eyes until years later.

Robert Bruce Posner (Bob) was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1935. At the age of 10, he was asked to reproduce a battleship from a photo, and did so easily –claiming to see only circles and lines. However, he realized that he needed to learn more about art history and technique.

From 1953-54, he studied at Leon Berkowitz’ Workshop of Art, studying with Kenneth Noland and Morris Louis. Then, in 1958, he graduated from American University (in Washington, DC) with a bachelor’s degree in art after having studied with Ben Summerford, Sarah Baker, and Robert Gates. Seeing a need to study the great European masters, Bob boarded a boat for Florence, Italy. It was there that he attended the Accademia di Belli Arti from 1958-59, studying there with printmaker M. Marghieri. Years later, Bob would attend graduate programs at the University of Maryland –and studied drawing and printmaking with Mitchell Jamieson and George O’Connell. Informally, he studied with artists Peter DeAnna and Joe Shannon.

During his career, Robert Posner worked as an exhibits specialist at the Smithsonian Institution, as an art and drafting teacher in the District of Columbia Public Schools, and as a freelance illustrator.

Although Robert Posner passed away on the 29th of January, 2008, he is remembered through his beautiful art and sorely missed by those that knew him for his humor, intelligence, and ability to live life to its fullest.


Solo Exhibitions:

1956 Trans Lux Gallery. Washington, DC. Paintings and drawings.

1985 Watkins Gallery, American University. Washington, DC. Pastels and drawings.

2007 Curb Art Space, New York, NY. Pastels and inks.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

1955 - 1958 Student Exhibitions, Watkins Gallery, American University. Washington, DC.

1955 Corcoran Gallery Art Show. Washington, DC.
1956 Chevy Chase Art Show. Chevy Chase, MD

1966 University of Maryland Graduate Student Exhibit. University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

1967 St. Stephen’s Group Show. Washington, DC.

1975 Bookworks Gallery. Washington, DC.

Selected Awards and Prizes:

1958 Van Swinderin Award in Art. American University. Washington, DC.

1963 1st Prize, Chevy Chase Art Show. Chevy Chase, MD.

2004 1st Prize, Spring Hill Art League Show. Spring Hill, FL.

2005 2nd Prize, Spring Hill Art League Show. Spring Hill, FL.